Q. How much do your pups cost?

A. All pet pups are $3500 + GST = $3850

Q. Can we have our pup on a desexing contract.

 A. Yes you can. As an ALA member, we have partnered with   SpaySecure Australia. SpaySecure Australia will manage desexing           contracts on behalf of Kings Labradoodles.

Q. Will you sell puppies interstate?

A. Yes I will, to neighbouring states of NSW , when the buyer is willing to travel to pick pup up themselves . I won‘t put a pet pup on a plane.

Q. Will you sell puppies overseas?

A. No, I won’t send a pet pup overseas.

Q. What does the pup price include?

A. ALA Registration and Pedigree, Microchipping, Health Guarantee, Desexing Contract, age-appropriate worming and vaccinations, food that pup is eating, Puppy Care Notes to help you prepare for your pup coming home and raise your pup, collar and lead, heart-beat lamb with mum and litter mate scent, short-term pet insurance, and life-time support.

Q. Why do you choose our puppy for us?

A. The right puppy is chosen for each buyer, based on the information you have provided on your application form. This is why it is important you are honest and give as much information as possible. Pups are chosen to match their temperament with the lifestyle of the buyer.

Q. Can I pick the colour?

A. No and Yes. As a breeder, my focus is health and temperament. By all means when filling out your application write down any colour preferences you have and if possible it will be matched. If you're not willing to compromise on colour you may have to wait an unknown time. It’s also important to know, Australian Labradoodles can change colour as they grow and the colour they are when they are born may not be the same colour they are as an adult dog.

Q. What is the puppy buying process?

A. Please refer to the "Purchasing a Pup - The Process" page.

Q. Can I meet my puppy before I take it home?

A. Yes, once pups have had their first vaccinations and they have been allocated, you are welcome to come and meet your pup. A Meet and Greet day will be scheduled and times allocated.

Q. Can I meet my pups parents?

A.The short answer is, possibly. If pups aren't fully weaned or if mum lives here with us, then yes you will be able to meet mum. If mum lives with one of our amazing Guardian families and pups have fully weaned, mum will most likely have returned home. Dads don't live with us so it would be unlikely you would meet dad.

Q. What does it mean to grade an Australian Labradoodle?

A. Australian Labradoodles are graded according to how far away they are from the original pairing. The link below can help explain this.


Q. Does Kings Labradoodles sell therapy dogs?

A. Kings Labradoodles is a Pet Breeder. All breeding dogs are selected for great temperaments, but this does not guarantee they are suitable therapy dogs. If you are seeking a therapy dog, I recommend you seek advice from a qualified therapy dog trainer. I am happy to work in consultation with the trainer to select a suitable pup from the available litter. This will be at the buyers expense.