guardian opportunity

we have a possible guardian opportunity from mouse and Padge's litter

Medium Australian Labradoodle dressed in a fleece coat.

the guardian program

What is a Guardian Dog and a Guardian Home?

A Guardian Dog is a breeding quality dog/pup selected either from a litter of Kings Labradoodles or from another quality, ethical breeder, to be a breeding dog for King's Labradoodles Breeding Program. A Guardian Dog lives with it's guardian family but belongs to Kings Labradoodles. At the end of the breeding contract, the dog is de-sexed and signed over to the guardian family to live happily ever after.

A Guardian Home is a home that provides all the love and care that a dog needs and deserves on a day to day basis.


To continue with our Breeding Program but still ensure pups /dogs are raised in a loving forever home, pups are placed in "Guardian Homes" and return to King's Labradoodles to have puppies and return back to their loving forever homes.