Girl power


(Caralee Bobby)

Australian Labradoodle

  • DOB: 22.05.2020

  • Dam: Caralee Angie (Dharma)

  • Sire: Caralee Jay (Jaffa)

  • Grade: ALF3

  • ALA Registration: 0173-000-01

  • Colour: Chocolate Abstract

  • Coat: Fleece

  • Size: Small Medium - 14kg - 43cm

  • Hips: - 0.39

  • Elbow: - L 0 R 0

  • DNA: - Clear - bbEe - Ss - at/at - K/K 

Our beautiful Mouse is very laid back. She is delicate in her frame but still manages to hold her own when playing with the bigger dogs. Mouse loves a cuddle and her walks and loves running off with a shoe. Mouse has a very sweet and patient nature and loves being a mum and playing with her puppies. Mouse is a small medium chocolate abstract girl with a fleece coat.

A huge thank you to Carol at Caralee Labradoodles for breeding this beautiful girl for us.


(Bespoke Lola Periwinkle)

Australian Labradoodle

  • DOB: 25.02.2021

  • Dam: Sunset Hills Duluxe (Cleo)

  • Sire: Sunset Hills Robin (Barney)

  • Grade: AL (Full Aust. Lab)

  • ALA Registration: 0177-001-09

  • Colour: Caramel Abstract

  • Coat: Fleece

  • Size: Medium - 15kg - 50cm

  • Hips: - R 0.27 L 0.29

  • Elbow: - R 0 L 0

  • DNA: - Clear - bbee - ay/at - I/i - K/K 

Lola has a beautiful calm temperament and is always tail waggingly happy. Lola loves hanging out with her fursibling Tiago and her amazing guardian family. Lola loves her walks and introducing herself to lots of people and dogs while she's out. Lola is a medium/large medium caramel abstract girl with a fleece coat.

A huge thank you to Melanie at Bespoke Australian Labradoodles for breeding this beautiful girl for us.


(Kings Tutti Fruity Cherry Ripe)

Australian Labradoodle

  • DOB: 14.07.2022

  • Dam: Caralee Bobby (Mouse)

  • Sire: Willow Lane Hot Fudge (Padge)

  • Grade: ALF

  • ALA Registration: 0173-004-07

  • Colour: Chocolate Parti

  • Coat: Fleece

  • Size: Medium 

  • Hips: - L 0.39 R 0.53

  • Elbow: - L 0 R 0

  • DNA: - Clear - bbEe - sp/sp - at/at -I/i - KB/ky - m 

Oreo is a fun and social little girl that is very loved by her guardians. Oreo is the daughter of Mouse and Padge, two of our very laid back parents and it's clear the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Oreo is only young but you can already see she is an easy going girl. 

Orea is dressed in a beautiful Chocolate Parti fleece coat.

Oreo has passed her health testing and we look forward to her becoming a mummy in 2024.


(Clairevale Buttercup)

Australian Labradoodle

  • DOB: 17.09.2022

  • Dam: Clairevale Red Ridinghood (Amber)

  • Sire: Gaga Perseus (Percy)

  • Grade: AL

  • ALA Registration: 0159-026-01

  • Colour: Red Abstract

  • Coat: Fleece

  • Size: Mini

  • Hips: - R 0.26 L 0.27

  • Elbow: - R 0 L 0

  • DNA: - Clear - Bbee - at/at - I/I - K/K - S/sp - m

Chilli is our first mini girl here at Kings Labradoodles but there is nothing mini about her personality. Chilli is a happy go lucky girl that loves to please. She is very smart and picks up new instructions very fast.

Chilli loves rough and tumble play with her fur siblings but equally loves a cuddle and her dinner.

A huge thank you to Sue at Clairevale Labradoodles for our beautiful girl Chilli.