Our Dogs


Meadow (Caralee Clover)


DOB - 07.03.2019

Dam - Caralee Jasmine (Lexi)

Sire - Caralee Ragnar (Scooby)

Grade - AL

ALA Registration - 0144-067-01

Colour - Cream

Coat - Fleece

Size - Standard

Meadow  has  retired from  our  breeding  program .

When I think of Meadow the first thing I think of is her warm intelligence. Meadow has always been fast to learn things. I will often turn to see where she is when I’m busy doing something and she is sitting intensely watching me taking it all in.

Meadow is a happy girl that always has a bounce in her step. Meadow loves to play with her fur siblings but you’ll find her snuggled up to one of her people when it’s rest time. Meadow has a cream non shedding coat.


Charli (Eungai Eleanor)


DOB - 03.04.2019

Dam - Eungai Leonie (Layla)

Sire - Caralee Flynn (Archie)

Grade - AL3

ALA Registration - 0150 - 015 - 01

Colour - Caramel

Coat - Fleece

Size - Medium

PennHIP - L 0.39 R 0.40

Elbow - L  0  R  0

DNA - Clear

Charli is our cheeky caramel girl with beautiful emerald eyes. From the day she came home, she insisted on the most cuddles and to never let us leave a room without her being far behind. Going to the toilet on my own is a distant memory. Charli is full of love and affection and constantly has us laughing with her antics. Charli loves learning new things, especially if the pay off at the end comes out of the the fridge. Charli has a non shedding caramel fleece  coat.